Look Who’s Getting Goofy!

Thank you so very much to my teammates for your generosity, encouragement, and contributions to LLS/TNT!

The Sugar Creek Packing Co.

UFCW Local 75

Robert G. Kelly Co. LPA


Mary Laumer

C. J. and Mackenzie Rice

Campbell Soup Co. – Napoleon, OH

Steve Culter

UFCW Local 876

UFCW Local 951 Foundation

UFCW Local 881

Nan Stewart

National Investment Services


James McKeogh

Lennie Wyatt

C. J. Rice

Baird Foundation, Inc

Steve Loeffler

Don Courtright

Lawrence Plumb

Mitch Bramstaedt

Jeff Mills

Ann Kelly

Donna Robinson

William and Amy Dudley

P.G. Sittenfeld

Sue Brewington

Jamison Smith

Mark T. Cacciatore

Jack Kelly

Martha Tepe

Kevin Garvey

Gary Holland

Steve Wittekind

Cody & Shari Agee

UFCW Local 227

UFCW Local 1996

Slevin & Hart, P.C.

Steven Hendrickson

Joe Schwierling

Daniel Rienstra

Norm Sidler

Lee @ Cinch Design

Diane Breyer

Megan Herrlinger

Pamela Newport

Doug Burgstaller

John J. Marrone

Stacy Morton

Denise Driehaus

Anthony Tracy

Luke Blocher

Chandra Yungbluth

The Underwoods

Kathie Kelly

Bryon O’Neal

Pamela Newport

The Deyes

Thomas Bierman

Timothy Burke

Melissa Wideman

Bill Helton

Heather Brooks

Jim & Priscilla Cooke

Karen Brown

Justin Richmond

Larry O’Connor

Stephanie Flum

Jeff Crider

Joe & Carol Metz


Samba Fall

Ellen Vera

Leatha Lowman

Dianna Vasquez

Peggy Winterfeld

Cherie Letton

Ned Kelly

Alecia Lane

Lonnie E. Sheppard, Jr.

UFCW Local 1625

Paige Stephens

Bob Siefert


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